The history of the Cleveland vs Golden state confrontation is not as well-known as some of the high-profile squabbles among sports teams around the world. In sport, unfortunately, one cannot do without quarrels and confrontations, because sport in itself implies a competitive element. But some teams are so addicted to the process of confrontation that they begin to deliberately quarrel and try to outperform the opposing team in any way.

The history of rivalry

Both clubs are in the same association, but somehow it turned out that they began to compete strongly with each other. Since the Golden state is an older team, they managed to meet with Cleveland only in 1970, when the new team joined the National Basketball Association. But they began to actively compete much later, only in the season of 2014-2015. It was then that they met on the same basketball court in order to show their superiority. Prior to this event, these teams have not had to play against each other several times in a row. A total of four series were held, of which Golden state were able to win in three championships, two of which were in a row. Golden state could win all four series, but in 2016 Cleveland took away their victory.

Golden state, being a relatively old team, for a long time was one of the best basketball teams, which often managed to win in the first series of games. But then the Cleveland team came to basketball and shook the confident position of their opponent. Cleveland was able to interrupt the chain of victories of the Golden team, starting in 1992, constantly taking advantage of the older team. For veterans of basketball, this was really a great humiliation. But the teams continued to compete honestly without much aggression and try to circumvent the opponent. Cleveland proved to be capable and talented novices, but the Golden state had the necessary years of experience, so the forces were equal.

For a long time, the success of the Cleveland team depended on one of the most valuable player in the NBA, LeBron James. For the first time he played in the composition of this team in the early 2000s, constantly helping the team to keep up with basketball veterans. But in 2010 he had to leave the team in order to change the situation and try his hand at another team. Cleveland’s forces weakened slightly, so they lost to The Warriors with a score of 53-50 from the 2013-2014 series of games.

But LeBron James returned to Cleveland four years later, when the team was just renewing its roster. In addition to James, they managed to get some more talented and famous players. From that moment on, the Cleveland cases went up sharply, as really decent players gathered in their lineup.

But during the Western Conference, The Warriors also did not lag behind in success, since they included two players, known as the “Splash Brothers”, who were known for their tactics during the game. All basketball fans knew about this successful duet, as well as their unique style of dribbling.

Starting the new season, Cleveland had the advantage to get into the NBA, but the beginning of the season was not very successful for them. Because of the change of composition, the players at that time did not have enough time to get used to each other and play together, so the season for Cleveland began badly. The first score showed a disappointing numbers: 9-20. In addition, LeBron James suffered a back injury, so in January he had to refuse to participate in games. At the same time, Cleveland decided to change the line-up a bit again, as a result of which they were able to get not only a few leading players, but also a new defender of the center. Unlike his young opponent, The Warriors started the season very well – the score was 21-2. It was the 16th consecutive victory, which greatly increased their popularity and prestige. All thanks to the valuable players in the team, which brought The Warriors team to a new level. For example, Stephen Curry became part of this success, literally immediately receiving the status of the most valuable player. His performance and skills have improved significantly since the last season. But other players also contributed a lot to this victory. Klay Thompson also played a significant role in that season, and the results of Draymond Green impressed not only the fans, but also the team itself. A bit of fame went to the team coach, Steve Kerr, who coached novices on the team before the game.

The following season, the teams did not meet, each of them won on their grounds. Several players have received the status of the NBA All Star. These were Irving, James, Curry and Thompson. Voting was conducted among fans, Curry won first place in the voting among all celebrities of basketball, and LeBron James received second place. Curry managed to get an NBA MVP award. The performance of all the players was so high; they really gave it their full strength in their season, so both teams were able to break their own records. Thus, the Cleveland team was able to finish the season with a good 53-29 result, while their opponents closed the game season with an even more stunning 67-15 result.

Events of the past years

The 2015-2016 game season started well for both teams. Basketball veterans defeated the opponent with a score of 24-0, which impressed all the fans and those who watched the game. Prior to this, the record of The Warriors was a result of 48-4, and victories over Cleveland were also included in this score. At that time, the leading players were able to achieve really good results, having the opportunity to choose only the best players. This team also managed to beat the previous record of one of the leading teams of the old seasons, whose score was 72-10. The warriors were able to reach 73 victories. Despite the fortunate course of events, the Warriors had to work especially during the regular season. But even in the midst of a fierce struggle, they finally managed to defeat all the teams of all rivals and achieve staggering success.

Cleveland affairs were not doing so well. The season of 2015-2016 was not so successful for them, as some players had to miss the start of the season due to injuries received earlier during the games. But even with such difficulties, Cleveland were able to gather all the forces in time and show excellent results worthy of the famous team. In the end, this team managed to complete the regular season, setting the best record in the Eastern Conference. Thus, defeating the enemy, they were able to finally meet with The Warriors in the final.

It was the second season in a row when the two teams met on the same basketball court. Both teams worked hard to meet in the finals, each of them agreed to win several victories in their home stadiums. The Warriors at the time just coached the new player to reach the final with him. But during the game an unpleasant incident occurred, as a result of which the player was disqualified and forbidden to take part in the next game for gross violation of the rules.

In the same 2016, The Warriors had to change the team again, signing contracts with some basketball stars in order to be able to continue to participate in the games. After that, The Warriors began to be lucky again, so they were able to win with a score of 12-0 and get into the playoffs of the Western Conference. It is worth noting that this was another record, since the entire history of only three teams, including The Warriors, were able to bypass all three rounds. Players Curry and Durant became the first NBA participants who were able to reach the final, while gaining an average of at least 25 points per minute and throwing the ball from half of the field.

Cleveland also did not lag behind, reaching the final with a score of 12-1, thereby overtaking their rivals without much effort. James continued to demonstrate his incredible skills, so many began to consider this season the best time in his career. The remaining players were also laid out in full force and during that season they were able to set several new personal records.

The Cleveland v Golden state confrontation is relatively old, but very interesting. Many fans are watching with interest how events develop between the two teams. Basketball veterans do not want to give up their positions, but the novice team, which can already be considered relatively old, is not going to give the lead to the opponent. One thing is certain: these teams will definitely show their fans a lot of interesting and exciting games, so it remains to wish them good luck in achieving their goals and always have good luck accompanying them at basketball courts.