Cleveland Cavaliers stars

Every dedicated fan of any sport knows how important it is to know everything about your favorite team. Information and knowledge is needed not only to maintain a conversation or demonstrate this knowledge in public. It is simply impossible not to be curious about the history of the sports club or about the life of the players, as well as about their career achievements.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers team is a relatively old basketball club that has already won the love and recognition of fans of this sport. Of course, the composition of the team is always changing, but each player has brought many achievements to the history of Cavs. This club appeared relatively long ago, back in 1970 as a result of the merger of two leagues. At the time, the NBA was engaged in expanding its so-called possessions, so it was decided to create a new team called Cleveland Cavaliers. In total, this team played 48 seasons in the NBA, of which seven times they managed to get the status of winners, while from 2015 to 2018 they did not lose a single season. They also won the Eastern Conference championship for four years in a row, and in 2016 they became the NBA champion. Of course, the ups and downs – this is normal for a big sport, so this club also has unpleasant moments in its history. Many fans remember the black streak of bad luck for the Cavs team during the 2010-2011 season. During that unsuccessful season, the team lost 26 times in a row, which was the first anti-record, not only among all basketball teams, but among all the leading sports teams of the United States.

But despite this, the Cavs continue to go forward, develop their skills and give all the best during each game. The composition of the team often changes, old players leave, new ones take their place. But one thing remains the same: each of the Cavs players to add a piece of themselves to the history of this club, so some players need to know not just in person, but to know about their achievements and their contribution to the history of the Cavs club and basketball in general.

Cavs roster

Of course, when it comes to the Cleveland Cavaliers roster, almost every basketball fan primarily names one name – Lebron James. It is difficult to find a basketball fan who has not heard about this talented player and his achievements. Three times NBA champion James LeBron won the NBA prizes as the most valuable player in the final games of the playoff series. The American basketball player played ten times in the first national team of stars of the National Basketball Association, twice he entered the second one and 5 times in the national team of the defense stars. The basketball legend became the second after Michael Jordan, who managed to make a triple-double at the star match and beat the record for the number of clear wins in the playoff series.

In the world of big sport, James LeBron burst fast. After the 8th grade, the basketball player became the finalist for the American School Championship. Because of smoking marijuana, which he “relieved stress”, the guy almost flew off the team, but managed to stop. The second test turned out to be no less dangerous: an iron structure with a ring collapsed on the schoolchild on the playground.

In 2003, the NBA draft became the most “star” in the new millennium: the team brought together the best basketball players, whose names the sports fans uttered with reverence. In July of next year, Lebron signed a 2-year agreement with Cleveland Cavaliers for $ 42.1 million, reserving the right to terminate the contract after one season. In July 2015, the player notified the management of his intention to become an unrestricted free agent. A month later, James LeBron signed a new agreement with Cleveland in the amount of $ 46.9 million dollars.

LeBron, nicknamed King James, is good at basketball and on the set. He is loved by photo and movie cameras. He starred in advertising “Samsung”, “Coca-Cola” and “McDonald’s”. LeBron signed multi-million dollar contracts with Nike and Adidas.
The first 7-year contract with Nike brought a basketball player $ 90 million. After it ended in December 2015, James LeBron signed a life agreement with the company, which became the most expensive individual contract in Nike history.

The annual salary of the legend from June 2014 to June 2015 was $ 64 million. For black boys from poor families, the example of James LeBron became light at the end of the tunnel. LeBron starred in movies. In the summer of 2015, the premiere of the Hollywood comedy “The Girl Without Complexes” took place, in which James got a bright role.

But the basketball player played the most stellar role and continues to play on the sports field. With a height of 2.06 meters, it weighs 111 kg. The vertical jump of James LeBron reaches 111 cm, and the wing-span – 214. The legend statistics is amazing. Training and tournament videos with LeBron gain record numbers of views. Many records of the star are not beaten.

The over whelming popularity of James LeBron is visible in the army of his followers on Twitter and Instagram, which exceeds 30 million. In early December 2017 forward Cavs James LeBron recognized player of the week in the Eastern Conference of the NBA. James helped the Cleveland Cavaliers to win four matches, collecting double-doubles in each match.

The following is worth mentioning no less famous player who during his sports career was able to achieve considerable success. Tristan Thompson, perhaps, is also known to almost every baseball fan, but not everyone knows his biography and the history of his victories and defeats. Perhaps it is worth getting to know him better, because knowing your heroes in person is simply necessary. The future basketball star was born in sunny Canada, in the city of Ontario. It happened in March 1991, and then no one else would have thought that in the future he would become a talented and famous NBA player. At the moment, he is a Cleveland Cavaliers player, taking the position of a heavy forward and centering player. Often bears number 13 on his uniform.

And even if in early childhood Tristan had no special interest in sports, suddenly in the first year of high school, the guy announced to the family that he was going to become an athlete, namely a basketball player. The family was very surprised by this statement and initially opposed, but Tristan actively defended his position and showed a strong desire to achieve his goal. Therefore, relatives had to agree with his plans for life, so the future basketball player began to choose an educational institution that in the future would help him achieve the goal. At that time several universities had already offered him not only tuition, but also a scholarship. Without thinking, Tristan chose the University of Texas. After a couple of years of schooling, Tristan decided to transfer to another school, and by luck, it was there that he met one of the most promising schoolchildren in the USA. Communication and friendship with him only strengthened Tristan’s desire to further become known to the whole world and show everyone what he can do. But he again had to transfer to another school and another city, so the last year and a half he studied in the state of Nevada. Being a graduate, he played in the school basketball team and was able to get a place in the symbolic national championship team of the school.

Finally, after graduating from school, Tristan was able to go to Texas, where he was already waiting to study at a prestigious university with a scholarship. There he immediately joined the basketball team, and played for a whole year in its composition. Less than a couple of months, as a promising and young player got a place in the top five players. He was recognized as the best newcomer to many conferences, and also included in several teams. At this time, Tristan gained its first popularity. In 2011, during the summer selection, he was selected for the NBA draft, where he received his fourth number in the Cleveland Cavaliers team. At that time, a temporary halt occurred in the NBA, so Tristan had to go back to Texas and continue to study so as not to waste time, waiting for the situation to be resolved. But at the end of the year, he came back to sign a contract with Cavs, which, according to its terms, was to last four years. His initial salary, according to the contract, was to be almost 17 million dollars. A couple of weeks after signing the contract, he debuted as part of Cleveland Cavaliers. His first game lasted for him almost 20 minutes on the basketball court, during which he was able to score a lot of points.

But besides Cleveland Cavaliers, Tristan Thompson also had the opportunity to show himself during the FIBA America Championship back in 2008, where he and the team managed to take third place prizes. A year later, he again had the opportunity to participate in the same championship, but in another city, where he was able to play with his university close friend.

Also, it is impossible not to mention a player named Shaquille O’neal, whose life is really exciting and interesting, and most importantly – not limited to just basketball. He really is a versatile person. During his long and fascinating life, Shaquille managed to try himself in many interesting things, including cinema and music. He is the Olympic champion of 1996, as well as the world champion of 1994. His achievements in basketball are really amazing, he is a star in this sport, being also a four-time NBA star. In his youth, he was recognized as one of the best players in the history of basketball, and was several times recognized as the best player of the year. He has dozens of victories, titles and established records. He is respected by all athletes and basketball fans. The list of his victories is really endless, there was not a single year in his career, so that Shaquille did not reach some peak or set a record. Such people make history and bring really valuable achievements to sport. In addition to the titles of the best basketball player and the most valuable player, Shaquille can also be proud of several gold medals he brought from the Olympic Games and World Championships. Not surprisingly, Shaquille is a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame.

At the moment, Shaquille changed the vector of activity and works in television. He can often be heard off-screen during sports broadcasts — he comments on various matches. He is also invited to many sports programs as an expert.

As a young boy, Shaquille was very eager to make a career as a basketball player, but his father always joked about him and convinced him that his dream was unattainable. But what was the surprise of his father, when his son gradually began to show incredible results already at school, speaking for her team. He received the title of state champion, which became the starting point of his future career as a basketball player. In 1989, the young man decided to enter the university, which was located in Liuzian. The choice of the university was not just like that: at that time a famous basketball coach worked there, who was so eager to meet Shaquille. Of course, a young and impatient player joined the university team, where he immediately became a local star. Without thinking twice, he was chosen as the leader of the team. Years of study at the university were not in vain, and the young basketball player several times became the player of the year, receiving various awards and prizes. He thought for a long time about what awaits him in the future and how to accelerate his advancement on the career ladder of a basketball player, so he decided to drop out of university a year before graduation in order to devote himself entirely to his career. Remarkably, Shaquille nevertheless received a diploma of higher education, graduating from university after he became famous. For which the university later made it to his hall of fame for his devotion to study and his beloved work. In addition to Cleveland, Cavaliers Shaquille also played in several teams, where he was able to achieve great success. Thanks to him, many teams have reached a new level and today they can be proud of the fact that they once were such a talented and famous player.

Also, do not forget about another player whose name always brings a smile – Kevin Love. But do not be deceived, his manner of playing the game is not as cute as his name. Kevin is a professional player, who at the moment of his career also stands for Cleveland Cavaliers. In his 30 years, this player can be proud of many achievements and awards. He has the title of world champion and Olympic champion. Thanks to the set record for the number of double-doubles in the 2010-2011 season, he was nicknamed Mr. Double-Double.

Unlike many other basketball stars, it seemed to everyone that Kevin’s fate was obvious, because his father was also a former famous basketball player. This is what happened. It was from the father that the love for basketball passed over to the young guy. His father often showed him various videos from competitions of famous teams, so the boy quickly became interested and set himself the goal of becoming as famous and talented a basketball player as his father. The young man gradually began to independently study the games of different teams, was interested in the tactics of playing the game and the style of play of various basketball stars of that time, he actively taught basketball theory, which he planned to use in the future. After entering the university, the young man joined the basketball team, and for a long time played at various competitions in its composition. In one season of 2007–2008, he took part in 39 matches, which vividly demonstrated his desire and thirst for playing basketball. In these matches, he managed to spend at least half an hour on the field and achieve good results. In 2008, during the NBA draft, he was chosen as the fifth number in the Grizzlies team, but he and several players were immediately exchanged into another team from Minnesota. The 2008-2009 season was his debut season, immediately receiving several titles and setting several personal records. The Minnesota team could not have imagined that the newcomer, whom they had exchanged during the draft, could bring them such fame and become one of the best newcomers in the entire history of their club. After the vote, Kevin received the title of the best newcomer of the year NBA.

But life is not always good, sometimes unpleasant things happen. The following season was not very successful for Kevin. But not because his skills have deteriorated, but all because of a previously injured arm, due to which he had to miss almost the twenty first games that his team had to play without him. But the young player wanted to play so much that as soon as the pain in his hand had passed, he immediately took part in the next series of matches of 2010, but only as a stock player. But even in this position, he was able to bring the team a lot of extra points. Of the latest personal records of the player, one really significant one can be singled out: in 2016 he was able to set the NBA record, gaining the most points in the first quarter of the game.

And finally, the last on this list, but not the last for the achievements. The name of this outstanding basketball player is Kyle Korver. This player from sunny California can be proud of his achievements. In particular, he is known for his three-point crown throws, thanks to which he was included in the top five NBA record holders. Thanks to his observance of the rules during the games and decent behavior on the court, Kyle also received an award for it in 2015. Also once set a record for the number of matches played in a row, but today this record has already been broken. But at the same time, in every match Kyle performed at least one three-point shot, for which he received considerable fame among basketball fans. To this day, he is remembered as one of the best players who performed three-point shots in such a large number. His series of games is 127 matches, which perhaps would have been more if it were not for the unsuccessful season of 2014.

This player has replaced quite a few clubs since 2003. It was then that his career as a basketball player began when, during the NBA draft, he received number 51 on a team from New Jersey. He was changed several times to other teams, where he continued to develop as a professional basketball player. In the end, having received the status of a free agent, he independently and voluntarily signed a contract with a team from Chicago, with whom he played until 2012. He devoted most of his time to the team from Atlanta, with whom he signed a contract in 2012. So he was able to achieve very good results and strengthen his position as a professional player. He played with Atlanta for five years, after which he decided to try himself in another club. As part of Cleveland, Cavaliers played from 2017 to 2018, having managed to show good results during this time. In 2018, Kyle left the Cleveland Cavaliers and moved to another team, where he plays to this day.