Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers team is a relatively young team, but already managed to reach considerable heights. It was created by the merger of several clubs in 1970, just at the time when the NBA’s organization expanded. Then the team automatically became a member of the NBA and so the team plays under their leadership. The colors of the club are standard, but perfectly harmonize both on the clothing of the players and on the emblem: dark red, gold, white and blue. Players of this club are constantly changing, but each of them brings a lot of achievements and records to the history of Cleveland Cavaliers. On account of this team a lot of wins and nominations. For example, this club was able to win seven NBA championships and five Eastern Conference championships, playing a total of 48 seasons. Several times the Cavs team managed to spend a whole series of victories, winning a victory for several years in a row. The years from 2015 to 2018 are considered gold in the history of Cleveland Cavaliers, since during this time the team managed to achieve very high results and to win many peaks.

But there is also something that still upsets both Cleveland Cavaliers participants and their fans: there are some unpleasant moments in the history of this club. For example, this club has established an anti-record for losses in one season. At that time, it seemed that the Cavs story came to an end: they lost 26 times in a row, which was just a shock not only for the team, but also for the entire US basketball community. It has become an anti-record among all the leading sports stars of the United States.

But this team still managed to rehabilitate after this unpleasant event. Therefore, today they continue to persevere, reach new heights and set new records. Fans need only to observe their actions with interest and to follow the Cleveland Cavaliers news, because this team is always laid out in full force.

Cleveland Cavaliers news

Every day the history of the club Cavs is updated with new stories and small achievements of each of the players. Every day they bring the press and the public a lot of news, both good and not so good.

The last season for this team was quite difficult. Even though many expected a rapid deterioration of the situation in the team after the departure of LeBron, everything turned out to be much more positive. Gathering their strength and thoughts, the Cavs decided to strengthen the defense position in the group, which was always rather weak. It was also decided to change the composition of the group and strengthen the position of the attack, which was previously also relatively weak, according to the team coach. The team actively fought during the games, but no one practically took them seriously lately because of the weak positions in the group. But behind all the games and giggles behind Cavs, many did not notice one important detail: the absence of Kevin Love.

From the moment James signed the contract in Los Angeles, Love once again managed to get the title of best player, after which he renewed the contract with the franchise for another four years. However, this contract is not yet considered valid. Considering that the player at that time was already thirty years old and that in the past he was an additional player, the public met this deal negatively, but this can be understood. In the end, it is usually not advisable to put this combination of age and salary into a player of the age of Love, especially when this player is not a full-fledged superstar capable of transferring the team to the playoffs and not only.

The position of this player was especially dangerous, since his payment for several years in a row was $ 120 million, it was payment for his services, and not for what he could bring to the team in the future. But in reality, the situation struck everyone: Love appeared in four games at the beginning of the season, but then he got injured, because of which he could not take part in games from the end until February of the new month. All this led to the fact that due to his absence and other problems that were already enough in the group, they began to reduce their results, so after a couple of months the player began to lose his popularity and many people forgot about him. But, logically, Kevin Love’s temporary disappearance from the game does not make his skills and abilities worse; he still remains a talented player.

This goes without saying, but because of the contract he represents to the franchise, if things go to the south, the effectiveness of Love in court is often not recognized. In 15 games this season, the veteran of great stature is gaining an average of 18.1 points and 11.1 rebounds per night (with encouraging advanced figures), and in games where Love appears, Cavs are worthy of 6-9. This is a small sample size, but Cleveland was absolutely disastrous when Love came down from the floor (for rest or injury) and is absolutely solid when it plays.

When they entered the game on Thursday evening against Magic, the Cavs boasted a +2.0 net rating of almost 400 minutes when Love was on the floor. On the contrary, Cleveland was bypassed by 11.2 points for 100 possessions when leaving Love – a mark that represents an absolute uselessness by modern NBA standards – and the Cavs have a cruel record of losing 11-42 in games they play without Love in mid-season. It should be noted that Love was unable to come up with his previous level of offensive efficiency, at least when trying to achieve a goal with two points, but, taking into account all the circumstances, the former outstanding player UCLA met the requirements when he was healthy and capable this season.

This does not necessarily indicate that Love without injuries runs the risk of moving forward, and it is important to understand that, with the exception of a significant reduction in its overall effectiveness, it is hardly worth the enormous extension of the contract that was given to it. However, Love was not a problem for the Cavs team with an unsightly record this season, and even though his weak points were fully recognized, he would have helped any team with proper deployment.

The NBA has achieved great success in the public mind, in part because of the interesting nature of the league deals. In this case, there is a danger of overreacting to contract status and ignoring judicial abilities. Love is the current victim of this paradox. Although almost everyone agrees that Cavs are likely to regret substantial contractual investments, he can still play and do it at a high level. It is worth something.

But battles do not occur only within the group. Recently it became known that during the game Cleveland – Toronto there was a fight. Naturally, such cases during the games are not so rare, because due to the tension during the game, players often lose control and begin to show aggression. But this too affects the performance of the group and its results. The fight happened for a moment before the end of the third quarter of the game, when the center fought for the position. One of the players fell on the floor, losing the fight. And everything would have worked out if Chris had not started prying his opponent. Apparently, what was said so hurt the other player that he instantly attacked Chris with his fists. It is worth mentioning that in recent games this is not the first fight involving a player named Ibaka. For several matches last year, he was already excluded from the game for fighting on the field. Many fans rebelled that Chris was also removed from the field. If you carefully watch the video recording, it is clearly seen that Ibaka was the aggressor and himself attacked Chris, and he, in turn, was only defending himself. Player Cavs did not plan to arrange a fight and did not want to harm the enemy. But even so, the NBA rules are too cruel when it comes to fights on the field. Therefore, the judge eliminated both players, making it impossible to bring extra points to his team. Many fans dispute the decision and are very upset that the rule system is illogical and dishonest, but nothing can be changed. And even despite the scuffle and disqualification from the field, the Cavs were able to win that match, proving to everyone that they deserve their position and can gather strength at the right moment and defeat the opponent, playing even with not full composition.

Otherwise, the Cavs are doing well. The team continues to take part in matches and show good results. We should wish them good luck and that no external factors affect their performance and cohesion.