Today it is difficult to find a person who is not connected with sports in one way or another. Someone prefers to sit on a cozy sofa and watch another match of their favorite team. Someone spends money on tickets to sports games to see firsthand how a favorite player scores another goal or makes another great throw. And someone is directly involved in the process itself, playing in the composition of amateur teams or being a professional player. All these people are united by one common thing – the love of sport.

Little about basketball

Undoubtedly, basketball has so many fans around the world that sometimes it’s hard to believe that once this game was just entertainment for friends and family in the backyard of schools or in public parks.

Today, basketball is already not just fun, but the official sport of the Olympic level. To date, even a child will be able to explain the principle of the game of basketball. The rules are simple at first glance: you just need to throw the ball in the opponent’s basket. But with the development of basketball as a sport, the rules changed and became stricter, so today real basketball is a difficult, but still very interesting game.

It all started spontaneously, when back in 1891, when a teacher showed ingenuity in one of the US schools, wanting to diversify a lesson in gymnastics a little. He came up with a game in which students had to throw small balls into wicker baskets that were tied to the balcony railing. The students found the idea interesting, so they happily agreed. Of course, it only remotely resembled the basketball we know about today. The players did not try to dribble, they just threw it to each other, and then threw it into the basket. The team that managed to score more points won. The teacher enjoyed watching the game so much that he decided to think it over and write a set of rules that could be played. Of course, without practice, it was difficult to immediately draw up quality rules, so the original version of this set of rules has changed many times after the games held.

Of course, for a long time the new game could not remain only within one country. Therefore, after only a couple of years, the neighboring countries began to learn about basketball, and from there the news of the new game spread around the world. Amateur teams also began to appear, which made their adjustments to the game and spread it further. Finally, ten years later, the Americans managed to demonstrate a new sport at the Olympic Games. Arriving in St. Louise, several basketball teams from different cities played an exemplary match before the public and the judges.

The number of basketball teams continued to grow; therefore, already in 1946, the American Basketball Association was created, under the leadership of which the Huskies played against the Knickerbockers team in the same year in November. By that time, the US Basketball League was also created, which eventually merged with the Basketball Association, becoming one huge association, which today is known as the NBA.

Of course, it was not without the associations that tried to resist the NBA. One of these for almost ten years trying to discourage the NBA leadership position, but it all ended with the association also merged. Thus, it is easy to guess why the NBA is so influential and well-known basketball league today.

It is also worth canceling that in the 30s, amateur clubs from countries around the world decided to create one organization in which clubs could unite. The organization was called the “International Amateur Basketball Federation”. And although it was originally supposed that only amateur teams would play, by the end of the 80s professional basketball players still managed to gain access to the competitions of this federation at the international level. In 1904, finally, the basketball players managed to hold a match of the international level, which brought basketball to a new level. As time went on, basketball was becoming an increasingly serious sport, so after 30 years it was finally added to the lists of the Olympic Games that were held in the summer.

Let’s play by the rules?

The code of rules for the game of basketball only recently became permanent. Until 2004, the rules were constantly changing, they were amended and various amendments. And this is not surprising: the rules exist to make the game interesting, but at the same time as honest as possible, because the principle of competitive games is built on this. Thus, according to the current set of rules, two teams play basketball. Usually the team consists of 12 people, 5 of whom are field, and the rest are considered to be replacement players. Athletes who hold the ball must move across the field, beating it against the floor. Otherwise, it will be counted as “carrying the ball”, and this is a violation of the rules in basketball. Accidental contact with the ball by another part of the body is not considered a violation, in contrast to the purposeful play of the foot or fist. A basketball game consists of 4 periods or halves, but the time of each half (playing time) varies depending on the basketball association. For example, in an NBA match consists of 4 halves of 12 minutes, and in FIBA, each such half lasts 10 minutes. Between the periods there are short breaks, and between the second and third periods the break time is increased. An abandoned ball in a basket can bring a different amount of points to its team. If the ball is abandoned during a free throw, the team earns 1 point. If the ball is abandoned from an average or close distance (closer than the 3-point line), then the team is given 2 points. The team earns three points if the ball is abandoned due to a three-point line. If in the main time both teams scored the same number of points, then a 5-minute overtime is appointed, and if it ended in a draw, the next one is appointed, and so on until the winner is determined. There is also a rule of 3 seconds. This is a rule that prohibits any player of the attacking team from being in the free-throw zone for more than three seconds. And the last is the rule of two steps. The player is allowed to take only two steps with the ball, after which he must either make a throw or pass the ball.

About Cleveland Cavaliers

And, finally, when the history of basketball is studied and the rules of the game are known, it is worth remembering about worthy players and teams of this sport.

The Cavs Club was founded relatively long ago, when amateur clubs changed their status to professional-type cubes. It happened in the early 70s, when Cavs joined the National Basketball Association in the same year when the NBA organization was engaged in expanding its “possessions”. The base of the club is located in the United States, in the city of Cleveland.

The list of victories of this team is not so great, but it still has good performance and results. From 48 seasons in the NBA, Cavs managed to become a champion in the Central Division seven times, while from 2015 to 2018 Cleveland Cavaliers were never defeated. Also, this team was able to achieve five victories in the Eastern Conference, where it also became the champion for three years in a row from 2015 to 2017. Cavs were also able to break into the NBA championship, and were able to reach the playoffs twenty times. But not out of the black bars in the history of this club.

The 2010-2011 season was a real curse for the Cavs, who suffered 26 consecutive losses. It has become a new anti-registration between all the major sports leagues in the United States. After that, long and painstaking attempts to improve the situation began. The Cavs decided to use their draft pick in the first round of the future draft, inherited from the Clippers’ team. They had a high probability of winning early in the draw and, with a probability of 22.7%, the team was given the right to choose a player below the first number. This cutting-edge project originally belonged to the Clippers, while the Cavs had their own choice under the fourth issue. The team spent the entire following season equipping the team with two potentially talented players selected for the repechage. In exchange for heavy forward JJ Hickson, the Cavaliers received light forward Omri Casspi and a draft pick for the first round of the upcoming Sacramento Kings draft. The next team with a deadline has acquired a draft pick for the first round and striker Luke Walton. Cleveland Cavaliers, the 2011-2012 season was shortened because of a lockout that ended with a better performance: 21 wins with 45 losses. After the reduced 2011-2012 season, Cavs won the right to pick players in the first round of the repechage for the second consecutive year. In August 2012, the Cavs signed a minimum veteran agreement with free agent C. J. Miles. Throughout the season, the team struggled to reach the playoffs but failed to achieve success. Head coach Byron Scott, who scored 64-166 at the club for three seasons, was fired.

In 2013, the Cavs had several initial choices for the next rookie selection. The team again won the first option and the Cleveland Cavaliers also owned the 19th summit, won in exchange for the Lakers. For the third consecutive year, Cleveland selected new recruits from the top five teams. On February 6, the Cleveland Cavaliers fired their general manager, Chris Grant. After that, the team announced that David Griffin, vice president of Cavs for basketball operations, would be acting director. On May 12, Griffin was officially named full-time CEO. It was also announced that after a season in the Cavs, head coach Mike Brown was leaving. The team finishes the season with the 33-49 indicators and, unexpectedly for many, wins the first option again in the next draft of the NBA in 2014, becoming the team that chose the players for the first time three times in the last four years.

On July 10, 2014, Kyrie Irving signed with Cavs a new five-year contract worth $ 90 million, which began in the summer of 2015, was replaced by David Blatt, who achieved great success internationally but never worked with the NBA team. On July 12, 2014, James concluded a two-year agreement in the amount of $ 42.1 million with Cavs, with the right of early termination after one season. In the same summer, Kevin Love joined the team, which made it possible to talk about the appearance of a new “Big Trio” in Cavs.

The beginning of the 2014-2015 season for Cleveland Cavaliers was unsuccessful – with five wins, the team suffered 7 losses. Then, from the end of November to 11 December, a series of eight straight victories followed. In late December, the team again came a recession. On January 2, James was diagnosed with problems with his left knee and lower back. For recovery, a course of procedures was developed, and LeBron did not take part in regular championship matches for two weeks.

On June 29, 2015, LeBron James informed the club management that he was going to use the option in the contract and become an unrestricted free agent. At the same time, James clarified that he does not plan to meet with other clubs and intends to conclude a new agreement with Cleveland Cavaliers, but on more favorable terms.

On June 20, 2016, Cleveland Cavaliers became NBA champions for the first time in their history, beating the Golden State Warriors 4-3. At the same time, Cavs team entered the history of the National Basketball Association as the first team that could become a champion, losing in the final with a score of 1-3.
To date, this team is working hard and constantly changing the composition of the players in order to assemble a real team of winners and reach the desired heights.